The Next Wave of Innovation in Freight 

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The supply chain, freight, transportation, logistics, it’s a trillion dollars a year. This is hundreds of thousands, millions of loads of freight that are moving throughout the United States every year. In terms of source of emissions of greenhouse gases, it’s a massive producer.

 The global supply chain is roughly broken up into what we call modes. By far the largest mode is what we call full truckload. That is around a billion-dollar-a-year mode in the US and in theory, is the most efficient way to move freight. But about half of the big trucks, you see on the highway, they’re only running half full. If half of those trucks are only half full we burn the same amount of fuel, the same amount of diesel, create the same amount of greenhouse gas to run a truck half full as we do completely full. We’re addressing that. We are getting those trucks full. We do algorithmic carpooling of truckload freight. We’ve created a software solution where you can ride-share your freight. They give us a little bit of data, and they say, “I’m here today, there tomorrow.” “I’m empty.” “I’m a quarter empty.” We take that data and we create a more optimal outcome for that driver and for that carrier, which is just simply those two basic things the shortest distance between two points and making sure the truck is full, which also creates an income earning opportunity for the driver. The driver has been paid to haul a load that’s only half full. We can create a world in which they can have dynamic, fluid access to freight and revenue.

The ability to kind of say, “I want to opt-in or opt-out.” If I want to work a little more, I can make a little bit more. As we scale, we will fundamentally bring down the paradigm of modes and create even greater efficiency. The problem with these various modes, they are not integrated with one another.

They don’t share data, they don’t share visibility. If we could find a way to share this data, then we could create an entirely new supply chain that is much, much less resource-intensive from a capital standpoint, from an infrastructure standpoint but also from a carbon standpoint. You would have a world in which there were no longer any modes and everything would be placed into the river and just flows where it needs to go.

This is a massive opportunity whether it’s greenhouse gas and sustainability or value and cost for the US supply chain. Through more data, we have better insights, we make better decisions, we build more valuable products. Change does not typically occur quickly. So I guess my advice to people on the planet Earth is to dream bigger, and have higher expectations. The next wave of innovators are going to be focused on neutralizing carbon. In doing so, they’ll be the beneficiaries of very valuable businesses that are also doing their part to save the world.

Exemeple of Innovations in Freight Connections :

” i am leslie meredith with great wealth events and media a here in Dubai and brakefield Studios for breakbulk Middle East and I have Simon Neal with me from freight media and we’ve got a very exciting session this afternoon around innovation and Simon has a product called print care that I’d like to discuss with you today cratered brake space freighter base okay so Sam and tell us about that it’s a freighter base it’s an online platform for the freight industry and effectively it works on Google Analytics so anyone that types in ship from ship to cargo from cargo to crater base comes at the top and the idea is that a shipper the person that would like to move the goods and go directly online and they can find a carrier or they can put in a quick route and that will get sent directly to a freight forwarder that would like to receive that quote fantastic so that’s I’ve been running in the UK this is how it’s done smash anywhere in the UK so we’ve been nominated within six weeks we were nominated for innovative software product of the year yeah and then because it’s gone so well in the UK we decided that were to launch it out here into the Middle East and Middle East is crying out for this type of products I feel because it’s such a competitive market that companies need to be able to put their heads above the competition and one way of being able to do that is by social media by online content and being it have been at the fingertips of somebody that wants to put through a quote so with Freight abase the idea is that you as a forwarder are growing your database over a year over two years that’s the the USB Ephrata base so the idea is that the sales people that you employ with your team are being given an extra tool a relevant quote comes in to you it’s email through is your guys to pick up the phone and be able to book that meeting and develop along the term relationship it’s not about quick wins and it’s certainly not a price comparison site we do not believe in devaluing the freight industry it should be down to customer relationships and services and that’s what we hope to manage right and that’s a huge concern these days that you know it’s just all about the cheapest price but that can backfire right absolutely so passionate about the freight industry I’ve been in the freight industry for over years I’ve actually worked with some of the largest freight forwarding companies and the gentleman Craig Hedford who owns the company is an ex straight forward himself so we’re not just kind of hanging our hats on an industry and think we’ll give it a go we’ve actually worked in this industry and we know the pains and the pit bulls and especially at the moment competing on price and cutting down your profit margins and been an adduction auction we don’t think that that’s the way that freight forwarding companies should be operating in so we want to give them a tool and a platform where they can build relationships and establish loyalty with their clients and that involves speaking to the right person picking up the phone and get to the meeting and the freight abase will give you that lead to give you that contact your sales guys to be able to do that well that sounds like a great product and it sounds like it’s easy to use – so much of the technology it sounds so great you know but once it’s implemented in companies if it can be cumbersome but it sounds like this is pretty easy we go one step further because everyone uses their mobile phones okay and so what we’ve done is that we’ve actually created the freighter based app so you can download it on Android and Apple and basically it’s a quick quote so the idea is is that somebody’s on the move and they want to do a shipment they can basically type in a quick quote and that will get sent in to all the freight forwarders that have said that they want to receive that type of quote but we’ve gone even further than that what we will do will actually develop that company’s own app to get quick quotes so then they can then have an app which they can send out to all their client base and anyone that’s ever made an inquiry and that company then can have an app that any of their clients can download on their phone so then they can then receive quotes directly not even through freighter base so we’re even pushing the envelope further than the product that we’ve launched four months ago oh wow well that sounds like it’s tailor-made for this market and then what we want is for all those people to meet face to face here that’s right so how is the breakbulk experience been for you it’s been probably it’s been right because because we’re a media company and we own a company called freight media so we have a lot of PR companies that also come to us that work on behalf of the larger companies so we’re having lots of different types of conversations it’s not just pitching and speaking to the the brake bolt movers and shakers is also working with companies that work with them as well and sharing information and cohesive ideas could any help push forward this industry in this vertical rather than everyone working separately we’re all coming together and we’ve been able to talk a common language and move forward fantastic well we’re so happy that you’re here we’re happy that you’re a media partner with us and we hope we see you next year too thank you very much you.”

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