The definition of AI

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Hi I’m the creator of this website , I’m a distinguished professor of electrical and computer engineering here at Baylor University I’m the director of discovery’s Walter Bradley Center for Natural and artificial intelligence I’ve been involved in artificial intelligence specifically neural networks for over 30 years I was one of the first editors of the IEEE transactions on neural networks IEEE is the Institute of electrical and electronic Engineers it’s the largest professional Society in the world and I was also president of the IEEE neural networks Council for a number of years this has been some time ago so I’ve been involved in the area of artificial intelligence for again over 30 years what is artificial intelligence and where do we find it vartificial intelligence depends on your dictionary if you go into Academia and go into the different disciplines you’ll find skirmishes as to what AI means there’s kind of synonyms which are used for AI such as computational intelligence machine intelligence and to those in the field this means a lot they do subcategories and things of that so I think for purposes of our discussion we should probably treat it just like the media treats it which is any gee whiz thing that can be done by a computer so if a computer does something and it’s just miraculous and you go gee whiz then that’s probably Ai and I like it for purposes of the discussion because what it does is it brings AI to the level of the computer so when we talk about the capabilities of AI we can talk about the capabilities of computers and if a computer can’t do something then AI is doesn’t have the ability to do it either where do we find AI artificial intelligence is indeed ubiquitous in fact it’s around us and we’re kind of numbed by familiarity we see AI for example in things such aI banking it does automatic pattern recognition on checks I can take a  picture of my check and it does automatic optical character recognition to deposit my check without me going into the bank it does facial recognition that allows me to log into my computer and my cell phone it does voice recognition and Alexa and Alexa also does incredible things about finding exactly what you’re trying to look for it’s not always successful but it it gives it it gives it a good try we see it uh also in places like Google Maps and Uber in uh accounting AI is making made incredible inroads to accounting and it’s changing the landscape there because it turns out that a lot of businesses that were using regular accounting before are now using Martificial intelligence and you no longer need CFOs in the accounting department you can Outsource it to a third party that uses artificial intelligence and does all of your accounting really really quickly we see medical applications and it’s just applications in Bitcoin and blockchains and even Google search if you think about it as a type of artificial intelligence so it is ubiquitous and is everywhere around us now there’s been some Landmark sort of occurrences of artificial intelligence probably the first was when deep blue beat Gary Kasparov and chess now that was a long time ago it’s over two decades ago and this was astonishing because a computer could now outperform the best chess master in the world then we had UM  Qthat we had IBM Watson take on the game of Jeopardy and take on the world’s greatest players in Jeopardy and whip them in a head-to-head contest so that was really remarkable more recently we had alphago be it the world’s champion at go which is the most difficult popular board game in the world and it has been the Holy Grail of artificial intelligence for a long time to be able to beat somebody at go and so that was an astonishing thing too and we’re hearing new astonishing things happening again and again as as AI becomes more sophisticated and we see greater and greater number of applications is AI good or bad artificial intelligence itself is like electricity or fire it’s neither good nor bad it’s how it’s used you can use fire in good and bad way you can use electricity to power your home you can also use electricity to electrocute people right so it’s neither good nor bad it’s simply a tool and it’s a very powerful tool and it is going to remain a powerful tool but it itself has no propensity for being good or bad what are the heady predictions of future AI we have a number of often often made claims about artificial.

So let’s move on and understand what exactly artificial intelligence is. The term artificial intelligence was first coined in the year by John McCarthy at the Dartmouth Conference. I already mentioned this before. It was the birth of AI in the.
Now, how did he define artificial intelligence? John McCarthy defined AI as the science and engineering of making intelligent machines. In other words, artificial intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. So guys, in a sense, AI is a technique of getting machines to work and behave like humans. In the rest past, artificial intelligence has been able to accomplish this by creating machines and robots that have been used in a wide range of fields, including healthcare, robotics, marketing, business analytics, and many more. With this in mind, let’s discuss a couple of real-world applications of AI so that you understand how important artificial intelligence is in today’s world. Now, one of the most famous applications of artificial intelligence is the Google predictive search engine.

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