How To Get a Machine Learning Internship in 2022

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in today’s article, I’m going to let you know exactly how you can apply for machine learning internships and also successfully land them but if you’re someone who is not looking for internship roles if you’re looking for something more full-time I’ve actually made an article on how you can land machine learning engineering roles at startups so definitely check that out.

with that being said let’s get into the  article landing a machine learning internship is one of the best ways that you  can start off your machine learning career instead of waiting till you graduate we actually apply for a full-time role as a machine learning engineer without any internships but if you actually had a machine learning engineering internship the chances of you landing that full-time machine learning engineering role once you graduate is significantly higher in fact your resume is going to be much more competitive than someone who doesn’t have any internships especially within machine learning machine learning internships are actually relatively new as well if you just went back like five years or like even three years back the amount of machine learning internship positions in the field would be extremely little in fact most of the machine learning roles that you would see at that time would actually be full-time roles which required significant amount of experience to even apply to so the fact that we’re seeing machine learning internship positions opening up and also at such scale because there’s such a huge amount of them opening up i think it’s an extremely good opportunity for you  which you should definitely take so the next three and a half months or so is going to be extremely crucial if you are planning on landing a machine learning internship this year because a lot of huge tech companies especially fans companies are going to be looking at applications with uh within the next three months four internships which start summer of this year so if you  are interested in applying for internships i definitely suggest you  pay attention to the steps that i’m going to list out in this  article so before i tell you  how your resume should look like and how you can showcase the things you have actually learned .

i think i have to give you the biggest advice of them all and that is when it comes to internships you should be applying to as many as possible now this advice is the exact opposite of what you should be doing if you’re applying for full-time positions but when it comes to internships you should be applying to as many of them all and i will repeat that now why do i say this because applying to internships is an extremely competitive process and your goal when it comes to internships is to gain experience and not just to gain an internship at the top fan companies although getting one getting an internship at a place like google is amazing your goal here is experience so always make sure that you’re applying to not just the top fang companies but also startups and also less well-known companies as well now i’m going to list four things that you  should include in your resume when you’re applying for machine learning internship roles now the first two things are really basic things that you should definitely have if you’re even thinking of applying and the last two things are things which if you don’t have it’s fine but if you do it’s going to take your portfolio and resume to the next level and it’s going to make you really stand out so the first most important thing that you should definitely have in your resume is you need to show that you have a solid understanding of basic machine learning frameworks and algorithms .

 now there’s two ways to actually go about doing this the first way is to show a certificate that shows that you’ve actually completed a course on machine learning now it could be one from udacity or coursera or any of these platforms but be sure to include it on your linkedin as well as your resume now the second way to go about doing this is to actually show projects that you have done on your github so these projects should be very much related to machine learning fundamentals so they should be projects which are related to time series forecasting image detection object recognition anything to do with computer vision and also natural language processing i say time series forecasting computer vision and natural language processing because these are some of the most basic uh basic areas in ai and machine learning so if you take any sort of machine learning course you’re probably going to cover these fields as well so it’s good to have projects within these three scopes now the second thing which you definitely need to have is you need to showcase experience in one or more deep learning framework such as tensorflow keras and by torch so how can you go about doing this it’s very similar to the first step you can go about doing this when you can show a a core certificate which you have done so for example if you have done a course on tensorflow or keras or pytorch be sure to include that on your linkedin and your resume as well now the second way is also to do uh projects on this so if you have done projects on your github and you have made use of tensorflow framework or you have made use of keras framework or pytorch framework definitely be sure to include that in your resume so now that i’ve actually told you  the two things that you definitely need to have before you even think of applying for these machine learning internship roles let’s talk about the two things that you should have to really stand out so the first thing is to show a history of contribution to open source projects on github or sourceforge so if you can show that you know you have actually contributed to open source machine learning projects that will take your entire resume and application to a next level so the last and final thing which will really make your resume stand out is if you can show that you have competed in machine learning competitions on websites like kaggle data driven or code lab now if you can show that that would be great because it’s going to make you really stand out from all the other people who are applying for the same internship positions and you’re going to really stand out to the hiring managers as well .

 i want to show you  a few different machine learning internship job postings on linkedin so that you  get a better understanding of what to expect when you are applying so the first one we’re going to look at is a machine learning intern position at adobe in romania so as you  can see it was posted three weeks ago and already there are applicants i feel like that is the exact reason why i said that you know it is extremely competitive and that is exactly why you  should apply to as many internships as you can so if we look at what they’re looking for or they’re looking for someone with experience with machine learning in at least an academic environment so definitely having a certificate which says that you have done some sort of course and also if you are taking a computer science uh degree if you have taken any course related to machine learning within your curriculum definitely have that on your resume and secondly they’re looking for experience with machine learning frameworks like pytorch or tensorflow so that’s exactly why i mentioned that you you  should list if you have made use of these uh frameworks or libraries within any of your projects definitely have that on github and also your resume lastly let’s look at this machine learning internship for summer by path ai if you  don’t know path ai is actually a company which makes use of machine learning and deep learning to diagnose cancer and other diseases so let’s see some of the requirements for this role to be successful in this role you will need intellectual curiosity a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science so as i was saying they there are a lot of machine learning internships which are open to people with who are currently pursuing bachelor degrees which was not the case in the past but now you can see a lot more opportunities for people who are studying bachelor’s degrees as well at least one year plus of relevant work experience i will say that this is usually flexible so if you can demonstrate that you have done a lot of courses or a lot of projects on the side related to machine learning this you usually would not need to have this sort of experience so  let’s have a recap so in order to be successful at applying for machine learning internships that’s two really basic things that you need to have on your resume the first thing is you need to demonstrate a basic understanding of machine learning frameworks and algorithms and the second thing is to include any experience that you have with deep learning frameworks like tensorflow keras or pytorch now if you really want to take your resume and application to the next level you should also demonstrate a history of contributing to open source projects within machine learning and also if you have competed in any machine learning competitions if you need help constructing your resume and if you’re still unsure of what will really make you stand out be sure to reach out to me on linkedin and i’ll try to get back to you i’m actually thinking if i should organize a virtual session with a bunch of you  where i maybe address some of the concerns that you  might have when it comes to applying for machine learning internships so let me know in the comment section below if you would be interested in joining a virtual session like that so  i hope all the information that i’ve given in this  article was helpful and let me know what you  thought in the comment section below thank you  for watching and see you in my next  article.

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